General Conlanging Information

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I also maintain a FAQ, a list of links, and some translation exercises (single sentences, full texts, and word lists).

Wait, what is a conlang??

A conlang is a constructed (or invented) language, like Esperanto, Klingon, or Quenya ("Elvish" from The Lord of the Rings).

This website is about my own constructed language, Asha'ille. It's part of a fictional fantasy world, spoken by an alien species of sentient felines. The language itself is an a priori naturalistic language. The rest of this site documents my language and the culture related to it.

My Languages


Spoken by empathic felines on a fantasy world. » Read more!


Spoken by humans on a fantasy world where everyone has the potential to wield magic — provided they give up their physical body. » Read more!


A joke conlang based on the "word" snfcwsbñefuawbáffmúiebfwaf. » Read more!

Unnamed Conlang 2010

Unnamed conlang for a story I started in 2010; influenced by Turkish. » Read more!

Unnamed Conlang 2015

Unnamed conlang for a story I started in 2015; influenced by Mayan and Nahautl. » Read more!

Other Info

I've written a few small utilities scripts to help my conlanging habit:

Flavored Word Generator
a Ruby script that generates words based on a wordlist
the Perl script that generates the HTML interlinear pages in the Writing section.
converts from SIL Shoebox .lex format to XML
script that uses lex2xml, dictionary.xsl, and thesaurus.xml to transform my Shoebox .lex lexicon into the detailed dictionary and thesaurus pages

By the way, the "logo" image at the top of the page says "Arth," [ɑɹθ], short for "Arthaey" ['ɑɹθej], written in the kateinu yiréb.