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This is my personal, annotated list of language-learning resources for the languages I am studying or have studied. I hope that others may find it useful as well!

Multiple Languages

  • Flashcards Deluxe: my absolute favorite smartphone flashcard app, available for both iPhone & and Android
  • Anki: another, more popular flashcard program, plus a whole suite of supporting software
  • Quizlet or Memrise: nice online flashcards, if you don't care for smartphone apps
  • How to Learn Any Language: language "dosiers" and a very active forum of fellow language-learners
  • Lang-8: native speakers give free corrections of your writing (in exchange for you correcting students of your own native language)
  • Conversation Exchange: connect with other language-learners who speak the language you want to learn, who want to learn the language(s) you speak! Instead of paying for a tutor, barter your own native language for theirs. You can meet in person, chat online, or be pen-pals. I highly recommend getting a conversation partner — even when you're just a beginner — to give real "meaning" or "purpose" to your growing language skills.


Listening & Reading

  • Practica Español: articles and videos grouped by language level, often with transcripts



There are many more podcasts listed at the directory.


TV Shows

Links to full TV episodes: Primiciatv, QSerie, seriesflv.



Grammar & Vocabulary


Reading & Writing

American Sign Language (ASL)


  • Reference to ASL: a short overview of ASL; linguistics of sign languages; alphabet, numbers, & phrases; how to form sentences grammatically in ASL; and interpretting beginner

    Thanks to the Girl Scout troop from Denver who suggested this link! :)

Grammar & Vocabulary

  • LifePrint: dictionary and free lessons beginner

Reading & Writing

  • SignWriting: one written form of sign language that has gained a limited amount of popularity; even so, it is pretty unpopular among Deaf Americans advanced
  • si5s & a newer competitor to SignWriting; has the advantage of being invented by a Deaf person rather than a hearing person. advanced


Mandarin (Chinese)



  • Happy Chinese: 100 episodes, subtitled in Mandarin and English intermediate

Reading & Writing

  • "Chinese Characters" by Alan Hoenig: learn 2,178 characters in order of character complexity (rather than in the traditional order that Chinese school children learn)
  • Pleco: OCR, dictionary, handwriting recognition iOS