Current Projects

Greasemonkey Scripts

BillMonk Image Adder
adds images to receipts on BillMonk
Google Calendar Show All
adds a button to expand view to show all timeslots, from midnight to midnight
adds budgetting to Wells Fargo's account summary webpage


Flavored Word Generator
a Ruby script that generates words based on a wordlist
the Perl script that generates the HTML interlinear pages in the Writing section.
converts from SIL Shoebox .lex format to XML
script that uses lex2xml, dictionary.xsl, and thesaurus.xml to transform my Shoebox .lex lexicon into the detailed dictionary and thesaurus pages


Outlook Macros
"Go Home" and sunset-walk reminders, plus advanced to-do bar filter

Future Projects

For lack of a better place to keep a list of projects I'd like to do "some day," (heh), here is my todo list.