What is it?

BillMonk Image Adder is a Greasemonkey userscript that adds an image associated with a receipt to the receipt's page. I use this to add photos or scans of the physical receipt to the receipt page, but you could just as easily take a picture of the item purchased, or whatever else suits your fancy.


  1. Firefox, version 1.5 or better
  2. Greasemonkey, a Firefox extension that BillMonk Image Adder currently relies on
  3. BillMonk Image Adder, my userscript that adds the image to the receipt page


You can download the latest version here (last modified ), or you can download it from the central repository for Greasemonkey userscripts, Userscripts.org.


Like installing any Greasemonkey script, you just go to the *.user.js file in your browser, click the "Install" button in the upper right, and reload the tab or open a new one. Make sure the little monkey face in the status bar is smiling and happy — that means Greasemonkey is enabled. If you right click on the monkey face and select "Manage User Scripts" from the popup menu, you should now see BillMonk Image Adder listed at the bottom. You're ready to go!


BillMonk Before
BillMonk Before
BillMonk After
BillMonk After

BillMonk Image Adder currently looks only at the first comment on a receipt page. That comment must start with "img:" and then the URL of the image you want to associate with the receipt. For example, adding a comment that said "img:http://www.google.com/intl/en_ALL/images/logo.gif" would add the Google logo to the receipt page (if you wanted to do that for some reason).

This will work even if you use an extenion or other userscript to linkify the image's URL first.

In the code of the script, but commented out, is an option to put the image in the sidebar, rather than at the top of the page.

Known Issues

Future Features


BillMonk Image Adder would not exist without several tools provided free by others:


r114 | arthaey | 2006-12-09 12:04:53 -0800 (Sat, 09 Dec 2006) | 1 line

Actually does stuff now!
r113 | arthaey | 2006-12-09 11:42:47 -0800 (Sat, 09 Dec 2006) | 1 line

Creates an image from the first comment on a shared receipt in BillMonk.