What is it?

Google Calendar Show All is a Greasemonkey userscript that allows you to expand Google Calendar's "Day" and "Week" views to show all timeslots, from midnight to midnight. I use this script when I want to take a screenshot of my entire day's schedule, not just what fits on a screenful.


  1. Firefox, version 1.5 or better
  2. Greasemonkey, a Firefox extension that Google Calendar Show All currently relies on
  3. Google Calendar Show All, my userscript that adds the image to the receipt page


You can download the latest version here (last modified ), or you can download it from the central repository for Greasemonkey userscripts, Userscripts.org.


Like installing any Greasemonkey script, you just go to the *.user.js file in your browser, click the "Install" button in the upper right, and reload the tab or open a new one. Make sure the little monkey face in the status bar is smiling and happy — that means Greasemonkey is enabled. If you right click on the monkey face and select "Manage User Scripts" from the popup menu, you should now see Google Calendar Show All listed at the bottom. You're ready to go!


Just click on the new "show all" icon next to the standard "print" icon.


Google Calendar Show All would not exist without several tools provided free by others:


  1. Updated for Google's UI changes.
  2. Expand Google Calendar view.