For lack of a better place to keep a list of projects I'd like to do "some day," (heh), here is my todo list. I can't tell you how many good ideas I've lost to the ether by simply not writing them down when I thought of them. Very frustrating.

Language-Related Projects

  • GrammarML
    • allows easy comparison between grammars of (con)languages
  • database-based lexicon
    • should eventually be generic enough for any conlanger to use
    • AJAXy front-end
  • database-based "weekly vocab" exercises
    • would work very well together with the lexicon database
  • English "modes" for various alphabets and syllabaries
  • compressed English handwriting, based on letter, di-, and trigram frequencies
  • Asha'ille parser and generator, based on EBNFs
  • finish font; create LaTeX grammar that takes romanized spelling as input.

Miscellaneous Projects

  • vacation chore scheduler
    • allows people to arrive and leave at independent dates and times
    • tries to give each person a different task before repeating tasks
    • allows individual preferences for dates, times, or types of tasks
  • generic card game framework
    • must be able to handle my friends' game, Spite
    • extensible, even by non-programmers
      • define "hot spots" on the layout for arbitrary piles, etc.
      • define rules on the fly, to allow for games like Mao
    • learn MooTools?
  • symptom-tracker based on Google Calendar health entries
    • keep data itself in user's Google Calendar — data is theirs
    • add graphs per symptom, etc on top of the calendar
  • keyboard shortcuts for