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2004: Seiran Nalli's Journal

2005: Entwined Trees

2006 & 2007: No Writing

After the complete failure of 2005, I didn't attempt NaNoWriMo again while I was still in college. Professors have an annoying knack for assigning big projects in November. Some nerve, if you ask me. ;)

2008: Flesh and Spirit

I graduated from college in 2007, so in 2008 I had more free time. Funny that working full-time gives me more free time: no homework assignments! No studying!

I had not intended Flesh and Spirit to be a trilogy. When I wrote it in 2008, it was just a standalone story. But after discussing revisions with a friend, I decided that the story's conclusion is just the beginning for larger troubles brewing. And the natural ending point of the next story led directly into another story. So it's become a trilogy.

I keep a chart of the various characters' timelines, which I use to plot out the storylines for this trilogy. Until all three stories are written, the timeline is subject to change without notice. :)


In a world where anyone can wield magic so long as they sacrifice their corporeal form, the ancient balance between flesh and spirit is being disrupted. A young woman finds herself in the middle of a magical epidemic, somehow tied to one ruthless man's quest to return to power.

2009: Sequel to Flesh and Spirit


TBD: Something about the High Council forming a half-spirit army to invade neighboring regions and the priestesses looking for their Chosen One.

I planned to write the last of the Flesh and Spirit trilogy in 2010, but since 2009 didn't work out, that idea was scrapped. It would have been "something about a war between regions and the Chosen One."

2010: Triple Gods' Chosen


A ruined clairvoyant must help a royal assassin keep a secret from their king.

2011: Loose Souls


something about people with "loose souls" — they are vulnerable to the wind making off with their souls