Asha'ille is undergoing a spelling reform and this page might not have been updated yet!

If you see many apostrophes, it's pre-reform. If you see î and only a few apostrophes, it's post-reform. — Arthaey


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  • thathoxe
  • tlhe
  • tlhekexe

Class I

    Class II

      Class III

      • mromaizei
      • tarei
      • tlhisei

      Class IV & Etc

      • anez
      • eshamoth
      • irenoz
      • kekrith
      • komothish
      • mremoth
      • oreko
      • oseth
      • otlhath
      • ronrotho
      • shonritha
      • srexiza
      • sroalheta
      • zolhram

      These words are generated via a Perl script written by John Fisher and modified by Jim Henry and myself.