What is it?

lexicon-update.sh is a Bash script that converts a Shoebox .lex file into "pretty" HTML dictionary and thesaurus pages, like you can see here for my conlang Asha'ille.

Note that the current version is written specifically for my conlang Asha'ille. You will have to modify the script in the following places to use it yourself:

  • replace x-asha with your own ISO language code
  • replace ashaille filenames with your own language's name
  • replace kateinu* in the XSLT stylesheets with your own romanization code
  • remove the "ambiguous n-contractions" and "graph" sections of the script
  • double-check that the file paths are what you want them to be


  1. lex2xml
  2. Data::Dumper::Simple module
  3. Sort::ArbBiLex module
  4. xsltproc
  5. all the XSLT stylesheets:


The current version of lexicon-update.sh can be downloaded here (last modified July 25, 2011).


Make sure you have a Shoebox-formatted lexicon file named lexicon.lex in the same directory as lexicon-update.sh.

Run the Bash script like so: