Asha'ille is undergoing a spelling reform and this page might not have been updated yet!

If you see many apostrophes, it's pre-reform. If you see î and only a few apostrophes, it's post-reform. — Arthaey


Asha'ille and Cresaean Information

non-linguistic information about the speakers of Asha'ille
the Asha'ille dictionary and thesaurus
a description of the Asha'ille language, plus lessons
written documents, stories, poems, letters, etc; writing systems used for Asha'ille
statistics, about both Asha'ille and this site in general

Throughout this site, Asha'ille words are in this style, while English words are in that style (unless they're links, in which case they look like links).


Other, older, Asha'ille data is scattered around the internet, back before I had this site. Some lessons and basic grammar information can be found on the UniLang Wiki. Some CONLANG-L posts include swear grammar, passives, numerology and "letterology", derivation of pronouns, and tensed pronouns.