The kateinu yiréb is the modern script used to write Asha'ille. There is even a basic font available!

Another script, no longer in use, is the sarapin.


Note: The texts below are maintained as they were originally written. Asha'ille grammar has likely changed in some details since the older texts were written. The grammar description is the canonical reference, should any text here disagree with it.


Conlang relays are run every now and then. Like the children's game of telephone, the goal is more or less to see how contorted a story can become as it's translated from one language to another.

The "Relay" column in the table below designates the number of the relay, as well as distinguishes which group organized the relay:

Relay list (a spinoff of the CONLANG-L list)
Inverse relay (in which someone else writes in your conlang!)
Language Creation Conference
Zompist forum
Conlanger forum

The "Date" column in the table below corresponds to when I wrote the text; sometimes I translated an old relay after it had officially completed. If the date has an asterisk following it, that means I was not a relay participant; I merely translated the relay text later.

Relay Title Followed Date Status
A Letter unformatted
8 The Key to the Monastery Ŝeraɬ May 2003 complete
9 Thinking About Winter mërèchi spring 2004 complete
10/R Beware of the Baby Evíendadhail summer 2004 complete
Z a haiku Proto-Drem May 2004 complete
11 Raviolis Silindion complete
12 missing
13 A Joke to Alleviate Your Winter Melancholy Tatari Faran Jan/Feb 2006 complete
Z2 The Seed: Parent of the World Saonian early 2006 complete
CBB The Little Turtle and the Evil Rabbit Cshevraki early 2006 complete
14 * incomplete
LCC2 The Stone That Spoke Greek Sans Flexions summer 2007 complete
I1 The Nightwatcher Kamakawi August 2007 complete
15 Märik spring 2008* incomplete
16 Morality Kēlen fall 2008 complete
LCC3 Into the Waves Sabasasaj early 2009 complete
I2 Seasonal Traveling Kamakawi July 2009 complete

McGuffey Readers

Based on the revised editions of McGuffey's classic graded readers, you can practice your Asha'ille reading skills with these monolingual readers. While not available yet, I will also be making these texts into the interlinear format, for those of you who can't read straight Asha'ille just yet. ;)

For practice in Asha'ille, try translating the Review section from either language into the other. Since the actual translations are included at the bottom of the interlinearizations, you can self-correct your translations.

Eclectic Revised Edition

Gutenberg Edition


Informal Writing


Other Texts

  • North Wind and the Sun, the first Asha'ille text translated
  • Genesis 11:1–9, the story of Babel
  • Gate of the Year, a translation exercise
  • Random sentences