Who Speaks Asha'ille?

The native speakers of Asha'ille are the Cresaeans: sentient felines of the planet Cresaea. They are empathic (not telepathic), meaning they can sense one another's emotions.

They have evolved a vocal apparatus similar enough to humans' that our languages are mutually understandable and producible. While relations with the humans on Cresaea are strained, some humans do learn Asha'ille as a second language.

Cultural Topics

Beliefs & Customs

  • Personal markings: how Creasaeans adorn themselves.
  • Raising children: how Cresaean children are raised. (to be written)
  • Nightwatchers: the iroyimĖ¤da (to be written)
  • Winter soltice festival: sshókaro (to be written)
  • Death, forgetting, and remembering (to be written)

Friends & Family

  • Lorán adaptations: how various native species interact with lorán.
  • Lorán patterns: how Cresaeans perceive personality. (to be written)

Social Groups

  • scribes and teachers (to be written)
  • the end-of-the-world cult (to be written)
  • Dialects: variations within Asha'ille.

Material Possessions

  • Kateinu jewelry (to be written)

Flora & Fauna

Besides the thesaurus listings for plants and animals, here is more detailed information of the species of Cresaea:

Native Species

The Delaizen (dehalaizen), as a species, are closely related to Cresaeans. They are much smaller — about the size of a lynx — and roughly like a lemur-cross-Cresaean in appearance. They speak their own language (dehalaisha), which is unrelated to Asha'ille.
An ancestor of the Delaizen and Cresaeans, the chilaizen are often kept as pets, as when humans keep monkeys as pets.
(to be written)
Sentient, semi-mobile plant species that bond with other species.
(to be written)
As described by my siser:

Think "The Blob", only smaller, not evil-trying-to-kill-mankind, and cute, and you have the Uruthtille! They're made of lorán and hold all life patterns ("bio signs" hehe) in their Uruth'tille heads.

Foreign Species

(to be written)
(to be written)
(to be written)
(to be written)