Word Coining Frequency

By the Numbers

  • 1908 entries total.
    • 1827 main entries (95.8%).
    • 4 nonsense entries (0.2%).
    • 77 proper names (4%).
  • 878 nouns (46%).
  • 389 verbs (20.4%).
  • 298 adjectives (15.6%).
  • 82 adverbs (4.3%).
  • 46 interjections (2.4%).
  • 15 phrases (0.8%).
  • 240 example sentences (12.6%).

Lexicon Statistics

This graph is of when words have been added to the Asha'ille lexicon (the language itself, not the computerized record of it). Some words' coinage dates are only approximate, and others are only known as "some time prior to date X," so the graph is only interesting in its general trends, rather than any specific data points. Also, since I'm still going through all my handwritten notes from the past two years(!), the graph is still likely to change some.

Also on the graph are the dates of the conlang relays I have been a part of. There is, unsurprisingly, some correlation between the timing of relays and the timing of spikes in word-coinage.

One final note about the graph. You may have noticed that the cumulative total line doesn't start at 0, but rather at around 200 words. This doesn't mean that I inherited 200 words when I started Asha'ille; rather, it means that I didn't record exact dates for my first 200 words.