Cresaeans are empathic, capable of sensing others' emotions. They are most practiced at sensing and interpreting other Cresaeans' feelings. They use this sense to strengthen their personal and community relationships.

Other native species also give off similar signals of their emotions. The more time a Cresaean has spent with this other species, the more accurately they can interpret the emotions they empathically sense.

Humans, being non-native, do not give off lorán signals when experiencing emotions. This makes human emotion mysterious or even frightening to Cresaeans. Changelings are slightly more "comprehensible" to Cresaeans.


Kegharn can sense the relative health of others. They use this sense for hunting.


Changelings can change shape, generally into only one other form. A very small percentage have an additional mutation that allows them to see visions of far-away things through the lorán.


Suloram actually eat lorán, following its currents to pools where the lorán density is highest. They can also sting with their connection to the lorán.