Coat Imprintings

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Facial Markings

Natural Markings

Cresaean facial fur is very short, and — along with foot, ear, and spinal fur — does not take to imprinting. Instead, several dark markings naturally decorate the face. These markings are called "tendril stripes," or eiyen, and are always a darker shade of the Cresaean's natural fur color.

The most common locations for eiyen are above the eyes, along the bottom curve of the cheekbones, and at the base of the ears. Less usual markings occur down the center of the nose and along the jawline. Rarely, these same markings may also occur across the tops of the hands and feet, on the ears themselves, and between the shoulder blades.

The more numerous or unusual the markings, the more attractive the Cresaean is considered. As Cresaeans age, eiyen tend to fade into the overall fur color; thus, the starker the constrast, the younger a Cresaean is assumed to be.

Artificial Markings

In addition to the eiyen birthmarks, Cresaeans are typically marked at birth with claw-pricks

Tooth Carvings

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