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Detailed Grammar

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Sholdävsóte në enllavon done ashaìlle? That is, Would you like to learn Asha'ille?

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Like any language, Asha'ille has several dialects:

the standard dialect of the central plains Cresaeans.
spoken by the Imacatá Cresaeans. Adverb markers are optional.
spoken by the Ashyinave (the mountain Cresaeans). Differences between it and the standard Maesha dialect:
  • VOS order somewhat common
  • verb particles are replaced by their full-word equivalents
  • the full-word equivalents do not contribute to the one-adjective rule's count
  • has the additional allophones [æ] and [h]
  • fewer double-consonant words (lorielav instead of llav, for example)
  • more frequent use of pronouns, as opposed to conjugations
  • use of just te to join sentences, as opposed to t'ves
  • use of ne only when subject or object has a "clarifier"
  • sho– prefix to mark subject pronouns:
    • shoyí instead of subject en̤i
    • shojh instead of subject ejh
    • feyi instead of subject chîshélsa (irregular)
    • shoya instead of subject sadhelsa


I have yet to put on my site all the information I have posted to the CONLANG-L mailing list. Here's a rough list of those emails, so that I can get to incoporating them and you have access to them. Note that I make no guarantees that the rules of Asha'ille haven't changed since I wrote these emails, so do not take them as gospel.