Reload this page to get a new list of 10 random Asha'ille-like words. These words do not (yet) exist in the language:

  1. cash
  2. ekeècá
  3. kaiyanunachîllei
  4. kyanejîv
  5. melv
  6. mule
  7. pachîshaelenir
  8. taenei
  9. unámarîlajiài
  10. ámav

Disclaimer: These words aren't guaranteed to be valid possible words; they're just likely to be possible words. Sometimes the generator makes up words whose spelling wouldn't be allowed for a real Asha'ille word.

These words are generated via the Perl module Games::Dissociate. It takes a wordlist (all entries in the Asha'ille dictionary) as input and makes up words that look similar.